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Orders Open!
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If you'd like to get your hands on some of our lamb products, we'd love it if you would consider purchasing some of our delicious, single-origin lamb pies and sausage rolls.  We supply this by the box and they are available for wholesale purchase as well. 

We only do local delivery at the moment, so click on your preferred delivery area to take you directly to our farm shop.

Outback Lamb has moved their focus from selling boxed and wholesale lamb meat to selling our exceptional roast lamb pies and specialty lamb sausage rolls.  We do however provide seasonal, grass-fed lamb to leading restaurants by arrangement.

"We are genuinely so excited to be able to bring you our Outback Lamb pies and sausage rolls.  We hope more than anything that you love the premium flavour and incredible taste that comes from wide open lands and the expertise of 5 generations of farming ."

- Fiona Aveyard

Wholesale Customers

We supply cafes, restaurants, pubs and service stations our lamb pies and sausage rolls at wholesale prices. We also have lamb shanks available to purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing other cuts of lamb for your business.

To access our wholesale page you'll need a login, just give me a call and I can add your details.