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We take bookings for small & large groups

We offer a high-quality farm tour which give you the opportunity take in an interesting mix of the agricultural enterprises undertaken here at "Westpoint", along with an insight into our philosophy, approaches and attitudes to farming, the environment and our rural community.


It is our hope to provide a gateway for curious consumers to learn more about the source of their food and fibre production by sharing our family's farming story.


2124 The McGrane Way, 'Westpoint' Tullamore 2874, NSW, Australia

PRICING GUIDE (for a basic 3 hour tour)

Tour Price

Adults $25/hd

Children $10/hd

Optional Extras

Morning Tea





Enjoy a tour of our family farm "Westpoint" and see seasonal farming activities in action.

Inspect livestock in the paddock or yards (depending on weather conditions).

Tour local site "The Rocks" and experience first hand some indigenous heritage by viewing tools, carvings and artwork.

Experience country hospitality and enjoy some homegrown Outback Lamb for lunch - grown on the farm and personally prepared for you.

Explore some of our untouched country and (hopefully!) see native flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

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