Co-branding partners with Thankful4Farmers

Outback Lamb are proud to be co-branding with the charitable organisation Thankful4Farmers.  For every sausage roll we sell 10c goes towards bridging the gap between brands, consumers and agricultural communities.  Thankful have demonstrated a support for Australian farming and rural communities and raise funds to create a sustainable transformational impact.  For every sausage roll you buy, you will be helping to give back to Australian regional communities and its people.

Thankful 4 Farmers Mission Statement

The Thankful4Farmers initiative aims to celebrate the important and significant contribution of farmers and agriculture to both the economy and culture of Australia. Celebrating the incredible diversity and quality of produce and sharing the stories of those who produce it for us.

Thankful4Farmers is a collaborative initiative bringing together industries, brands, influencers and consumers in a united effort to raise awareness and generate revenue to support sustainable agriculture and regional communities across Australia.

Farmers across the globe are facing unprecedented challenges; climatic conditions, reduced investment, falling commodity prices and raising tariffs and evolving consumer expectations.

All of which is causing many to lose farms that have been in their families for generations. As a result, the global farming community is also facing a mental health crisis.

Thankful4Farmers is igniting a local and global conversation to amplify awareness and generate on-going sustainable funding to create transformational impact in regional and rural communities.




Look for the Thankful4Farmers logo on products on supermarket shelves, on menus in restaurants and cafés across Australia.

With every product you purchase with the Thankful4Farmers logo, you will be demonstrating your support and commitment to Australian farming and regional communities.

Can’t find products in your supermarket? Use the #Thankful4Farmers to tell your local supermarket that you are Thankful4Farmers and they should be too!

Show your customers that your brand is Thankful4Farmers and committed to supporting Australian agriculture and regional communities.

It’s simple:

  • Decide to be Thankful4Farmers

  • Pick a meaningful product or products from your current line-up to co-brand. A portion of sales go directly to the Thankful4Farmers initiative

  • Help change the world...

Contact us now to become a Thankful4Farmers Product Partner

Where it is not possible for organizations to co-brand product, you can still show your commitment to Australian farming and regional communities through sponsorship opportunities.

To learn more about how you can be a Thankful4Farmers sponsor and our sponsorship packages, contact us now.