Outback Lamb Sausage Rolls
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Our sausage roll story

As well as being a leading Australian lamb producer we are also the creator of premium, farm fresh gourmet lamb sausage rolls.  These are made using our single origin, pasture raised lamb and manufactured by artisan bakers in our small regional community in central NSW.  In line with our philosophy of nose to tail eating we use the entire lamb to create a simple and delicious lamb sausage roll, full of flavour and free from preservative.

At Outback Lamb we are a family farm and we proudly care for each of our animals. Our livestock spend their whole lives on both native and improved pastures rich in minerals and nutrients with occasional free choice access to grains and hay grown on the farm.

We are passionate about regional communities and we are focused on meeting the needs of the modern consumer. On our farm we improve our soil health through the principles of regenerative farming, which in turn allows us to grow the best lamb we can.

It is our vision to be part of a new story where, as farmers, we can help consumers to be aware of the provenance of the food they eat and to have the opportunity to know their farmer.

“These are the best and most tastiest sausage rolls in the whole entire world.”

— Evie, Age 9

Admittedly there could be some bias here, and she definitely hasn't been around the world to be offering those kind of comparisons, but I'll take the compliment all the same!

"If I am going to indulge in a guilty treat then its got to be an Outback Lamb sausage roll washed down with a chocolate milk.  The bonus is knowing where it came from and how it was grown."

— Matt, Satisfied Customer

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