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Grown in a healthy Australian environment

Pasture raised Australian lamb

The reality is that it takes many years to get lamb onto your family’s table. From developing and establishing then managing pastures and grasses. From the breeding of a first cross ewe selected on her mothering ability, fecundity and wool production. All the way through to careful ram selection by the study of sheep breeding values and ultimately by choosing genetics that determine eating quality, fat and eye muscle. All of this happens well before conception. Gestation takes a further 6 months and then its another full year before the product even reaches your table!

In the meantime, there is the pastoral care, animal welfare and the management of that lamb.  From low-stress stock handling skills through to veterinary care there is a whole host of steps in the process that ultimately delivers the finest lamb to your table.

At Outback Lamb we believe that our quality product stems from the experience gained by 5 generations living on the same land.

Every step along the way is carefully considered and our focus is always on how we can deliver the finest lamb from our paddock to your plate.

Our Outback Lambs are bred to thrive in our Australian environment. We aim for them to be respected, well fed, happy and healthy - and to taste great as well!

Join us in our journey as we strive to bring the finest lamb to your table as well as the real story behind it so you know just where

your food comes from. Follow us on social media to see first hand our environment, meet our family and see us all in action on the farm.

In the same way that a good meal is prepared over time and made with love, so too is our lamb. 


Wouldn’t it be nice if people could be more connected to their food source?

Imagine how great it would be to actually know your farmer, be connected to where your food comes from and be aware of its ethical origin?

At Outback Lamb it is our desire to bring this dream to fruition. We are a family farm and together as a family we proudly care for each of our animals. Our family lives on the property called "Westpoint" and our livestock spend their whole lives on both native and improved pastures rich in minerals and nutrients with plenty of sunshine and fresh air.  Depending on the season and the availability of seasonal grasses, from time to time our lambs will have free choice access to grains and hay that we have grown here on our farm ourselves.

At Outback Lamb we really believe that the consumption of meat is going to change dramatically over the next decade. We think that more and more people will consciously move away from consuming intensively factory raised meat and instead embrace pasture raised, slow grown, ethically produced meat. People may eat less meat, but they will focus less on those key primary cuts and consume the entire animal. It our dream to help educate people so that they can celebrate the life taken by respectfully consuming all of the animal. It is our vision to be part of a new story where, as farmers, we can help consumers to be aware of the provenance of the food they eat and to have the opportunity to know their farmer.






Welfare, best practice management, uncompromising specifications, attention to detail and quantitative measures throughout the supply chain underpin the Outback Lamb brand.  High standards of animal health and systems are essential in order to produce a premium lamb brand.


The consumer has an expectation that Outback Lamb will be tender. Our active participation in the Livestock Production Assurance Program, the National Livestock Identification Scheme, as well as being members of the MLA and licensed producers of Meat Standards Australia sheepmeat, means we can meet your need for a flavoursome, high-quality lamb product.


The Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program is the Australian livestock industry’s on-farm food safety program. It meets the stringent requirements of our export markets, providing an assurance of the safety of red meat grown by Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat producers. Outback Lamb is produced in accordance with Australia’s Livestock Production Assurance program giving customers and end-users confidence in the safety of the food they are eating.


Five separate but complementary elements make up the LPA program. Participation is voluntary. Producers who choose to become LPA accredited commit to carrying out on-farm practices that feed into and support the integrity of the entire system.


The five requirements are:

  • Property risk assessments

  • Safe and responsible animal treatments

  • Stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments

  • Preparation for dispatch of livestock

  • Livestock transactions and movements


Outback Lamb is fully traceable under the  National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).  


At Westpoint Farm and Outback Lamb, each lamb is assigned an EiD (electronic identification) ear tag soon after birth showing the Property Identification Code (PIC) i.e. the property where the lamb was born and an individual identifying number. This number remains with the lamb right through until it's processed, which enables carcasses and individual cuts to be traced back to a specific animal.



Outback Lamb Co is accredited by Meat Standards Australia(MSA®) and we are licensed to use the MSA trademark. All sheep meat underpinned by the MSA trademark has met strict criteria to ensure it meets consumer expectations for tenderness and flavour. MSA sheep meat is labelled with a recommended cooking method, according to standards developed by consumer taste panels. Over 90,000 consumer taste tests of lamb and sheep meat products have been completed. All participants in the program are licensed to use the MSA trademark, and certify products via an approved Quality Management System in accordance with the MSA Standards Manual. Licensees are subject to independent random audit programs for compliance to the Standards. MSA ® Standards are backed by independent audit to the AS/NZS ISO 9001/2008 Standard.




Research partners and industry have undertaken research and development into defining and improving lamb and sheep meat eating quality. The sheep meat eating quality (SMEQ) research program was established due to the need to maintain strong consumer demand for sheep meat and the opportunity to extract additional value from lamb, hogget and mutton cuts. The MSA sheepmeat program is based on a supply chain approach, with all sectors required to contribute to improving the overall eating quality of lamb and sheep meat. All meat is packed and processed in facilities that are part of AUS-MEAT’s internationally recognised Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001: 2000.


Meat Cuts App by Meat & Livestock Australia
- An App that's a handy guide to all things lamb

Check out this super cool app by clicking on the image - it is an amazing guide to meat cuts. Where they come from on the animal, how it looks when you buy it, alternative cuts and also some recipes! Seriously, I cannot recommend it highly enough and well worth the effort.

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