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Plevna Merino's & Poll Merino's

Natural | Renewable | Sustainable

Plevna Merino's & Poll Merino's

Our merino flock is Plevna blood. Established in 1979 by Bill's father John Aveyard, since 2006 it has been under the management of Boyd & Alex Aveyard.

Plevna Merino Stud’s base was derived from Wonga sheep first bought to the property in 1942. Decades of objective measurement combined with visual classing has developed these sheep into a modern Australian style merino, characterised by strong maternal characteristics, a plain body type combined with high value, heavy cutting fleeces. More recently added to the objective measurement criteria has been the poll merino gene, growth rate and eye muscle area testing. From 2007 and onwards there has been an emphasis on sourcing genetics from studs that have ceased mulesing. 


In 2022 at Westpoint we will enter into our 5th drop of non-mulesed sheep.  Not without its challenges, but benefiting from the plainer body and low wrinkle characteristics of the Plevna bloodlines we recognise the necessity for the merino industry to meet the demands of a savvy and hyper-connected consumer.  In an effort to meet market demand we have become involved in two accreditation schemes. Both of these schemes recognise our ceased mulesing status and offer traceability throughout the supply chain.  The objective is not just a premium price for our wool at auction time, but transparency throughout the entire processing chain.  We provide a real paddock to plate story for the end consumer, who can, in turn, be confident that they are purchasing a product that guarantees not just animal welfare, but environmental, supply chain and quality assurances that their garment has been ethically produced under the highest possible standards.

SustainaWOOL™ promotes the sourcing and production of the highest quality wool through sustainable management of natural and physical resources. As accredited produced we achieve stipulated industry benchmarks for sustainability standards within the wool production system in Australia. Integrity and traceability are assured along the pipeline to consumers.

The SustainaWOOL™ Integrity Scheme covers 3 key pillars of wool production systems; sheep health and wellbeing, farm management practices and clip preparation.  

We can achieve SustainaWOOL™  accreditation because our sheep are non-mulesed. We also meet standards for good farm management practice, work, health and safety, and the facilities through which sheep and wool pass. SustainaWOOL™ also sets out requirements for wool preparation by trained staff.  At Westpoint & Plevna North our wool is prepared and compliant with the AWEX Standard Wool Classer Code of Practice, and the wool is classed by a registered Professional classer.

Authentico™ assures a transparent supply chain from farm gate to wool tops.


From compliance with governing animal welfare bodies through to the implementation of the 5 Freedoms for animals as well an non mulse status, Authentico focuses on environmental care, quality assurance, employee rights & WHS. 

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